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Atlantic Skates was established in the mid 70's by Dorsey Truitt. At the time there was a void in product availability to the many new shops
that were opening with the skatepark explosion. Dorsey filled that
void by opening the first national skateboard distributorship, Atlantic

During the 80's Atlantic's expanding operations acquired top brand
companies such as Kryptonics, Brand X Skateboards and of course, Barfoot Snowboards. Atlantic Skates also developed Toxic Skateboards
and remained the largest skateboarding related products distributor
on the planet well into the early 1990's.

Still a major distributorship actively delivering products to skate
and surf shops across the Mid-Atlantic region, Atlantic Skates remains
not only a cornerstone in skateboarding history but a nostalgic icon
for those who recognize the significance of Atlantic Skates in the
formation of this now wildly popular worldwide sport.

After 40 plus years dedicated to customer service and product avail-
ability, Atlantic Skates still provides you with the same quality
service and reliability.

Atlantic Skates offers a wide variety of skateboard and surf products
with friendly service and same day shipping.